Tattoo Artist


Art has always been a big part of Barbara’s life. She hails from Hungary, where she graduated as a Painter at the Fine Art Department of the University of Pécs! She has been living in London since 2015, and joined the tattoo industry in the Summer of 2018. Barbara is versatile in different styles, however, as a painter, she fell in love with colour work such as semi-realism, cartoon and new school, which she carried into her tattooing. For Barbara, the most exciting part of the tattooing process is the special connection she gets to make with her clients. The feeling, when at the end of an appointment, both she and her client have changed, moved into a new direction, is both exciting and amazing. She see’s the duality of the ‘alive, changing and dying’ art that they create together. She is lucky to see her work filled with life, meaning, and energy, through its wearer.
Barbara's Portfolio